Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome to Croatia

These pages are designed for all of you who have already been to or who are still planning to visit Croatia. We are convinced that the best picture of Croatia, of its natural beauties, monuments and people, can be made from your impartial opinions, impressions and questions. If you have already visited Croatia please give us your comments to help those who are yet planning to visit, and us, your hosts, in order to make the vacation in our country even more pleasant and interesting for all our guests. Write what kind of a vacation you wish for, what would you like to see and experience, ask questions you are interested in. By reading comments about the experiences of guests who have already visited Croatia make your search for the ideal holiday destination easier.

Croatian coastMost of you will visit Croatia in search for a relaxing vacation and you`ll enjoy quiet nights with the scent of the sea and Mediterranean vegetation in one of the picturesque coastal villages. And in the morning, when the crickets announce that the sun is high in the sky it`s time to go to the beach. You can choose one of the popular, ordered beaches with a great offer of entertaining and sports attractions or some lonely bay in the shade of pines and enjoy the crystal clear sea.

Croatian gastronomic specialitiesAfter morning activities you`ll be delighted by the rich offer of local gastronomic specialities, mostly fish and seafood, and a glass of some of the most famous Croatian wines.

DubrovnikThe afternoon is perfect for sightseeing and getting to know the interesting and well-known monumental heritage. Stupendous walls of thousand-year-old towns, numerous archaeological sites and beauty of old sacral objects will show you through the turbulent history of our nation. In the evening towns will offer different cultural, artistic and entertaining attractions and smaller villages will offer traditional folk events full of popular customs, dances and songs.

KornatiIf, during your vacation, you prefer to be active you`ll be delighted by trips to some of the 8 Croatian National Parks where you can enjoy fresh mountain air, the beauty of forests, fast rivers and beautiful lakes or you can just abandon yourself to the charms of nautical tourism and sail off exploring some of the 1200 Croatian islands.

Apart from the coastline, the Croatian inlands also offer a chance for a pleasant vacation with different activities like hunting, river fishing, enjoying the charms of ever more popular agro-tourism and gastronomic specialities. No matter the reason why you come to Croatia we always want you to take the best memories and the friendliest feelings towards our country with you!