Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Island Korcula

Island KorculaKorcula is the most inhabited Croatian island and the treasury of traditional crafts and customs. The biggest island village is Blato, known for its vineyards and olive-growing. 4 km from the sea you`ll find a small village of Brna which is especially attractive for the lovers of quiet, family vacations and intact natural beauties. Western part of the island is dominated by the tourist centre Vela Luka, and in the east you`ll find the well known summer resort Lumbarda and the attractive historical little town of Korcula. Surrounded by walls and fortifications with numerous old streets and squares, Korcula has its place among the best preserved medieval settlements. From the rich and various tourist offer of the island we have to mention the events inspired by traditional customs such as playing the gusle (popular instrument) and famous knights` games Moreska and Kumpanija.

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